There are five main steps that a beginner blogger needs to take into account when learning how to start a blog and make money with it.
Usually, beginner bloggers simply install WordPress and start to write.
But if you want to be a professional blogger and make good money with your blog, you must take into account other factors also.
Once you get familiar with all these terms and properly understand the necessary steps to take, you can start your new blog in just a couple of hours.
Choose a niche you are good at and a good name for your blog
The niche of the blog represents the specific topics you will cover in your blog.
It also dictates the keywords you will use when creating great content.
So do a little bit of keyword research first and choose your niche carefully.
You don’t want to choose a very narrow niche, where you will run out of ideas and content in a short time.
Also, make sure that your niche has enough interest around it and that a lot of people actually search for the topics you will write about.
The name of your blog should be picked with great attention to detail also.
You will want to choose an easy-to-remember name, catchy, and with common words.
Other famous bloggers tend to use their own first name, last name, or a combination of the two.
Please stay away from using hyphens in your domain name, and preferably don’t use numbers.
Choosing a good blogging platform
The next step is to find the most suitable blog platform where you will write all your content.
There are a wide variety of options around, some are free and some are paid.
You must look for one that has a lot of options available for you, doesn’t tie you strictly to their rules, and has limited plugins and SEO options.
We only recommend using WordPress as a blogging platform.
You have a lot of freedom with it, it comes with plenty of free themes to make it look good, and you will never run short of free plugins that help with all your necessities.
Always look for a good web hosting
A good web host is a must for every domain out there.
You don’t want to see all your hard work lost just because the host drops your server, or has a faulty SSD.
And with the fierce competition between web hosts today, it doesn’t even cost that much.
A free hosting plan is good when you blog as a hobby, but when you try to do it professionally and want to make money with your blog, you must choose a paid one.
Choose the theme and design of your blog
Nowadays, you don’t have to be a website expert or have the technical knowledge to make your blog look great!
This is where the beauty of WordPress comes in handy when you learn how to start a blog for free.
It comes with over 8000 free WordPress themes from which you can choose one that fits you best.
Simply look for a theme that is not too cluttered with slideshows and effects, and has a very good loading speed.
Create very good content
These are the very first steps you take to become a good blogger and make money with your blog.
But you can only succeed and have faithful readers, only if your blog adds value to the readers, response well with their search intent, and helps them solve their issues.
This is where a lot of bloggers fail, can’t monetize their blog, and lose interest in this project.
This is a long-term project, and every day you must sharpen your writing skills and content creation.