LITELUME LED lighting options are very suitable for finding the best equipment for hazardous location lighting projects.

One of Its line of artifacts, you can find sound luminaires for commercial, industrial residential or commercial use, with high superior criteria and appropriate specifications for use in hazardous locations. This type of equipment and accessories are all created under stringent rules and regulations to make sure safe usage in hazardous locations and services. Conventional electric equipment might create explosions or fires due to the high level of heat that they make and also their interaction with either gases or vapors, or combustible substances.

The LED canopy light really are a wonderful alternative whenever you would like to make sure efficient lighting safely. Otherwise, they are quite durable and maximize energy consumption.
All In one location

LITELUME Specializes in the production and also electrical supplies having top quality standards having a broad catalogue which allows it to meet its clients’ requirements.

This Internet site is quite easy choose , from a canopy light fixture to the most complex luminaires for industrial areas. All light solutions are available from the particular supplier.

Electricians, Specialized personnel, and customers, in general, can choose between different services and products for guide usage up to automated solutions that allow optimizing lighting job. Develop a practical and precise illumination project with the ideal ideal and the ideal lighting products available on the market.

Get Potential energy savings

Choosing A suitable lighting source is based upon certain requirements along with the form of activities to be performed from the distance to be ventilated, andspace’s measurements.

One LED canopy light is consistently fit for usage in hazardous installations. Even though there isn’t just one lighting design and style with all the best accessories, then you’ll be able to realize the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic eyesight.
You Can count on the wide range of perfectly equipped and manufactured appliances for indoor and indoor poisonous exterior spaces, so taking in to account all facets of its own applications.