One of the main common debate that you will get among the preppers is the kind of shtf plan to prepare if it happens in the near future. Most preppers do believe that when shft, it will be a disaster that is natural like a super eruption of a volcano, a tsunami, a solar flare or a steroid flare.
For other preppers, a shft even normally comes and might be a man mad which results in collapse of the economy or a nuclear war. Still for others, it is impossible to predict such events and thus, planning daily for such emergencies, violence acts randomly, and natural disasters which are anticipated in your area might be advisable.
In case it happens, the following what you will need to do:
Stay calm and ensure to get away from danger immediately
One of the things to do after a shft immediately is to ensure that you remain calm and get immediately from the danger whether it is a multi-car pileup, school shooter, a bomb that exploded randomly which exploded in the plaza of the shopping mall, or a disaster that is natural, finding a safe spot temporary is the priority.
You need to do a research, training yourself to be quite observant, reacting using the muscle memory to danger. The human instinct to be able to protect itself might be quite powerful but fif you happen to panic, it is possible to override your instincts, putting yourself in more danger.
The more you know regarding the situation which is dangerous and the things that you are required to do in order to protect yourself, the easier it might be to react in a way which might just save your life.